The birth of a brilliant idea

Founder Christopher Caporale was merely 16 years old when the idea of what became Waterless Works was born. Every Sunday, he would take his first car to the traditional car wash. However, one Sunday, he came back from the car wash to find 5 deep scratches in the paint. Chris was eager to find a new way to clean his car. After some thorough research, The Waterless Wash was found. The Waterless Wash is a solution made out of plant and clay based materials that is by far the least abrasive and therefore best way to wash your car. He started washing his "baby" at home and thought to himself that he would love for someone to come and provide this service for him. However, it was not until about 5 years later when studying at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia, when his idea became a reality.  


During the summer of 2014, Chris underwent countless hours of research in order to form the vision for the company. He envisioned these "Waterless Specialists" driving branded cars, washing vehicles, and bringing convenience to their clients. This was not enough though. With all the water that they were saving, Chris wanted to do something tangible with it. He reached out to, a charitable organization that deals with giving sustainable water solutions to 40 different countries all over the world. A partnership was made. For every wash that Waterless Works would do, they would donate the saved water to With the vision for the company in place, he started to form his team.


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While studying at Saint Joseph's University, Chris met co-founder Michael Moulton through a service immersion trip. Upon graduation from SJU, Michael came onboard to help out with the daily operations and business development. At first, it was just the two of them, going out in Jessie (the name of the wrapped car you see above) and washing some cars. However, it was not long until the two were visiting companies such as SEI, Amerigas, and The Archdiocese of Philadelphia, just to name a few. As they realized the pure potential of the company, Chris took a leave of absence from school and the two sat down to start getting serious.